Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Just the Facts, Mam!

In some ways, I was doing a form of virtual learning on the first day schools were closed. I shared resources on our Facebook page and sent content to families through our classroom email list. 

As it became apparent that 4K would participate in virtual learning, I thought a survey to families was the best place to start. 

Families were doing from ok to great with this new reality of social distancing. Most parents were at home with their child, while some periodically sought outside care. Most families had access to food, while a few expressed concerns about food access sometimes, and 1 family went to a neighborhood site.

With public libraries and schools shut down, I was concerned about book access at home. All but one family stated they had books at home. One family stated book access was a concern sometimes. 

All families had access to the internet and at least one working device in the home. Most children had access to a tablet or iPad. We ended up with three families needing a device for virtual learning. 

It is important to note, all families irregardless of income had access to the internet. Most but not all had access to a computer, tablet, or iPad. What they often did not have was a reliable printer, or as we found out with MMSD, not a reliable way to access printed materials. 

The next question I asked was about learning resources. Many families chose all options while other were more selective. Most families chose online content such as activities and videos, and teacher created content (Google Education apps - Slides, Drawings etc.) that supported our curricular focus. Fewer parents (70%) chose printed materials and a schedule of activities that mirror the regular classroom. 

The last question dealt with what form virtual learning should take. 84% of families wanted some form of virtual connectedness. A way for us as a classroom to be present even if only in the virtual realm. 60% wanted a Weekly Schedule (Slides) of activities, and 70% wanted activities based on a iPads and tablets. Only 46% - less than half - wanted to use Google Classroom. 

So this is our data. This is what the families of one 4K community site wants in regards to virtual learning.