Sunday, January 22, 2012

Backing Up Work Email

MMSD made the decision to shut off IMAP when migrating to Gmail which had several consequences. The most obvious is email on I-Pads did not work without the web interface. Another major consequence is not being able to download email to external email programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird. While this is an issue because teachers may find an email program a more comfortable interface, there are bigger backup concerns.

Imagine a scenario for a moment. You have been accused of x,y, and z and have been put on leave as a result. All the communication in regards to the accusation occurred over district Gmail. You then find out when you attempt to log on you are blocked from doing so.

I am a firm believer of what you put in the cloud, you should be able to get off the cloud. Google offers IMAP and Pop protocols for doing just that, but MMSD has blocked your ability to use them. One way around these restrictions is to set up a forward. A forward will forward each email you receive at your MMSD account to another email account.

A forward will give you a backup copy of every email you receive on your work account.  Going back to our earlier scenario, you will have access to all those emails you lost access to when you were put on disciplinary leave.  There are other reasons to forward work emails such as not having to switch back and forth from your personal and work gmail accounts quite as often. You can receive all your  important work email at your personal email, and if you need to respond you can log onto your work account.

Below you will find a How To video on how to set up a forward from work to personal email. I use Gmail on both fronts but it is not essential.

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