Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Many of us received an email this week we probably did not read because we assumed it did not pertain to us. Most of us don't have district cell phones so why should we care.

While the email does not effect most of us directly, it does indirectly. It is part of the media's assault on teachers and schools in which anything done with district resources is open to a public records challenge.

So be aware any call you make on a district phone, any site you visit on a district computer, any link you send, any file downloaded on district wifi could be part of a public records challenge.

I think as this recall moves along teachers will become enemy #1. We will begin seeing public record challenges all over the map. In Madison, its probably even more dangerous because of payback for the walkout.

My advice is to have a clear separation (as hard as it may be) between work and home.  If you have a phone on district wifi, use 3G when its personal. If you use social networking for work, have a separate account for work and home. If you see something funny you want to post to friends, wait, and send it with your and to their personal email accounts.

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