Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gmail Meter and You

Google has come out with a cool tool that allows you to do neat things with your Gmail data. All you do is create an empty spreadsheet, name it, and run the gmail meter script. The video below explains the exact steps you will need to take.

Google's focus with a tool such as this is empowering the user. They amount of email we receive on a monthly basis can be overwhelming.  This script can allow one to see interesting patterns of your email use.

For example, I ran the script last night and this morning had some interesting data.
  • Top 5 senders and recipients
  • Graph of monthly, weekly, and daily email traffic.
  • Internal (domain) / External Email
  • Top threads
  • Time before 1st response
  • Word Count
I know what you are saying, but Nate I don't have time to run these reports. Have no fear, this is done automatically on a monthly basis, but that is not really the point. The point is we need to always remember whose data this is.  

I suggest everyone run a report because that is data that belongs to MMSD. The bigger concern is if a public records request can access MMSD cell phone records, can email be far behind.  

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