Monday, April 21, 2014

Cinnamon on Optiplex 360

I love my Samsung Chromebook for basic web browsing but one area it struggles is screencasting. I was contemplating a Chromebox for screencasting but also wanted at least one traditional  "computer" in the house.

This past weekend I went to UW Surplus with pretty low expectations. Many of their systems tend to be pricier than you can get through Amazon, and they all include some version of Windows. To my surprise there was a "no os" version of the Opitiplex 360 for $125. While most people might want Windows pre-installed, I prefer the "no os" systems because it makes installing my favorite distro that much easier.

I initially installed Linux Mint MATE but after running Cinnamon in Virtual Box the temptation was too great. To my surprise Cinnamon ran better than I expected. It looks classy, certainly a distro I would take home to meet my mother.

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