Saturday, April 26, 2014

Creative Live on Mint 16

I needed some kind of webcam for Linux Mint 16 - Cinnamon Edition.  After looking on Amazon I decided on Ceative Live Cam Chat HD for the reasonable price of $22.82.

The webcam records 720p video at 30 frames a second with a built in microphone. It was usb plug and play (no software required) and works with Linux.
The webcam was actually quite small, about the size of a usb stick. I put it on top of the monitor and plugged it in to the usb port. The video with Screencastify worked right off the bat, but I had no luck with the mic. This may have been because innitially I had another mic plugged in. However, after a restart I was able to pick up the microphone with no problem.
While one could certainly complain the video and audio quality could be better, I find it acceptable especially considering the $20 price tag.

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