Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Keepass on Chromebook

Looks like you can have read only access to your Keepass database from an SD Card or USB Drive. Previously all the Keepass options depended on the database being located in the cloud.

KeePass Chrome allows you access to your KeePass database offline.  I ran into a few issues not related to the app but it loads perfectly off my SD Card. My only complaint is its read only so any editing must be done on a computer and then saved to a SD Card.

In the Linux world KeepassX is more popular but it will not work with KeePass Chrome. You will need to use KeePass Password Safe to save a database that will work with KeePass Chrome.

For me, on Linux, I was not able to get KeepassX to covert to Keepass Password Safe correctly. After I re-created my database in Keepass Password Safe and saved it to the SD Card it worked like a charm.

Overall, the app worked real nice. Christoph Walcher did a great service by making this available offline.  Those of us who are uncomfortable with LastPass want offline access, so it made little sense have KeePass apps that were cloud based.

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