Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Opening / Saving to SD card with Word App

You may have heard Microsoft has released online apps of their popular Office line up. This is exciting news for those of us on Chromebooks who prefer Microsoft Office or would like to use it for specific tasks (my case).

With Google Drive it is relatively easy to upload or save to ones computer or SD card. I was curious what the process would be with the online Word App.

I open the Word app and realize that .docx file I want to work on is on the SD card. This should be easy right, just open and select the file? Not so quick grasshopper, there are a few more steps than that.

1. Open Word File (only online Word files there currently)

2. More on One Drive link (takes you out of Word to One Drive)

3. Upload Word File from SD Card in One Drive

4. Back to Word

5. Open Word file

5. Select More on One Drive

6. Select uploaded file from One Drive

7. Work on Word File

8. Save Word File

9. Download edited Word File to SD card.

10. Take that Google Drive

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