Friday, June 13, 2014

Arch Bang - She Bangs!

In my recent post on Ubuntu Security Fud someone responded on twitter that my stance of security updates was very "Arch Like". I guess that means that I don't put blind trust in my distro for security updates, but I want to be the "decider" in the end. 

I have heard of Arch Bang before but thought it was 100% command line interface, which was too techie for me. Arch Bang is a rolling release distro combined with the Openbox Window Manager.

The installer felt old school but other than that the install was easy enough. I actually liked the minimalist and lightweight feel to the distro. The Openbox, the menu is with you always, approach to the menu could certainly grow on me. I really started liking clicking on the desktop for all my meny fuctions.

My big complaint is the lack of responsiveness of the web browser - Firefox. It took too damn long to load. It was apparent in the conky that the system was trying to preserve resources (ram) in loading up Firefox. That is all well and good, but that is clearly at the expense of a responsive user experience.  When I click on an icon, I want the program to open damn it.

In all fairness this was without making any customizations. Maybe I could tinker with these settings to make my user experience more responsive. I did find my self getting more comfortable with the Openbox interface over time. 

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