Sunday, June 15, 2014

Is YouTube My Video Editing Solution?

For the past month I have been using Open Shot, but yesterday was the height of frustration with roughly 10 crashes. Arrrrrrrggggh.

I thought to myself, are there any cloud based solutions available. I knew about We Video but what has not ocurred to me was YouTube Video Creater. I had either not noticed all its functionality or there have been some upgrades recently.

I attempt to do a few things in the video that caused crashing in Open Shot; razor tool, creating titles, and transitions. The experience was pleasant overall, and frankly easy to use. As an added bonus I got the wisdom of the Goog covering my back.

When I was using the scissor tool to cut my intro from a video, I guessed at 19 seconds, but Google in all its perfection did a perfect cut at 20 seconds. Creating titles was a snap and I loved YouTube replaying edited clip after every change.  

So is YouTube my new video editing solution? Yes, I think it is. I did do the screencasting with Kazam, which there are just as capable cloud services I could have used, but all the video editing and rendering was done with YouTube Creator.

Yes Virginia, there is video editing in the cloud. I will begin using YouTube Creator instead of Open Shot or Kdenlive on Linux Mint. As a plus this solution will work on Linux and Chrome OS. I like the ability to use the same tools across multiple platforms.

Do you do your video editing in the cloud, if so what service do you use?

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