Sunday, June 22, 2014

Managing Multiple Calendars

You feel like you are getting your calendar under control, and then they add a school calendar, curriculum team calendar, calendars for Professional Development, you get the idea. You start to feel overwhelmed all over again.

One of the biggest struggles I have observed with teachers has been in managing multiple calendars. This becomes even more problematic when they need to add events to those calendars (think iPad / Chromebook checkout).

The best tip I have for dealing with multiple calendars is use the arrow.  Any time you want more than a general overview and need to perform some action on a specific calendar, click the arrow, and select display only this calendar.

This is particularly useful if you want to add an event to an iPad / Chromebook calendar that is set up for a class checkout. If you use this tip, you only see this particular calendar, and you can feel confident any action you take will apply to that calendar alone.

Here you can see what I mean in this video.

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