Friday, June 6, 2014

Notable Revisions

Notable PDF Viewer has just been revised. The big new feature is text selection, but the interface overall looks much cleaner.

Notable PDF Viewer is made for the cloud and does a wonderful job integrating with Google Drive. Highlights of the app include,
  1. Never lose anything 
  2. Powerful PDF Viewer 
  3. Secure 
  4. Offline Support
  5. Google Drive, Dropbox & Integration
This is by far the best PDF editor online or offline I have used in some time. You can easily highlight text with multiple colors, add comments anywhere in the document, insert text with varying colors and font sizes, as well as, select text that can be annotated within the PDF.

The only word of caution with text selection is when pasteing text make sure your choose "paste as plain text". If you just paste it, all mark up will be included and the page gets weird.

In the video below I use the Linux Mint handbook to demonstrate the feature of the Notable PDF Viewer.

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