Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pep A Disappoint Mint

Peppermint 5 was released about two days ago. Peppermint has a unique blend of the Xfwm4 window manager and LXDE. In this release control center and Ice had been updated and improved. As far as Ice it now with with Chrome as well as Chromium.

I have used Peppermint on and off for the past year. I used both Peppermint 3 and 4 and enjoyed them very much. They always seemed very responsive and snappy. I had always put Peppermint in its own category for low resource machines. It always felt much more responsive than XFCE straight up.

Peppermint 5 was a disaapointment for me. I had in set up identical to Linux Mint 17 in Virtual Box but it felt slow and sluggish. It was very noticable navigating through the menu and later opening Chromium.

I will say, as of now, Peppermint has lost its place (for me) as the low resource distro. I am not sure what happened in this release, it feels very different than my previous experiences with this distro.

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