Saturday, June 14, 2014

Snagit - Two Peas in a Pod

When TechSmith came out with the beta of screencasting for their SnagIt Chrome App, I thought a great feature would be video annotation. I always though the SnagIt screen capture app had all the right features; text, arrows, boxes, and circles in a vaiety of color options. Wouldn't these features be great with the screen casting portion of SnagIt.

TechSmith wisely seperated the functionality of screencasting and screen capture. This appeared confusing to me at first, why use an extension to capture the screen and an app for screencasting.

Sometimes it is difficult to think outside the box. There is no reason one can not capture the screen while screencasting. One can begin a SnagIt screencast, visit a website you want to demo, and then use SnagIt screen capture with annotation.

At the end of the day is this really any different than having video annotation capabilities. In the screencast that follows I will use as the canvas, you be the judge.

So yes SnagIt can be two peas in a pod. So I am curious are others screencasting their screen capture annotations? If so, how useful do you find it for education or business. I actually think I will be using SnagIt more in the future because of this double feature.

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