Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tech In Introduction

Let's begin with a little background. I have been working for the Madison Metropolitan School District for close to 15 years. The past 5 years I was the Library Media Specialist at Schenk Elementary.

As the Library Media Specialist at Schenk I became the "go to" tech guy. If the phone rang or a teacher stopped in the library it was more likely to be a tech related problem than about finding a particular book.

My overall goal of this blog is to put some of that experience to work in an online medium. The content this blog will focus on will be Google ecosystem related. I spent a good deal of time supporting teachers and students with Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive.  In addition, I see this blog putting a strong focus on Google Drive add ons and Chrome extensions / apps.

All of these Google tools and services bring us full circle to Chromebook  (or iPad to a lessor extent) 1 to 1 implementations in Madison and beyond. This all entails a shift from software, services, and data residing and dependent on the device used, to many if not all of these functions being carried out in the cloud.  

This blog aims to support teachers in this transition with a strong pragmatic, professional development approach to ones technology journey.

In addition to these posts, I may utilize Google Help Outs in the future, for those teachers that need a more focused "technology intervention".

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