Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Almighty Arrow

Click the arrow.

What arrow? 

Next to your name. 

Oh, that small arrow?

Yes that one.

More than once I have had a conversation such as this with a teacher. This post will deal with the arrow and the various settings it gives us access to.

Clicking the arrow gives us access to three important settings; details, sharing, and reminders. These settings apply to the calendar itself and not any specific event you created.

Calendar Details gives you access to two important options; embedding a calendar and creating a link to your calendar. You may want your calendar embedded on an actual webpage or blog. You could simply grab the html code and put it in the html of your website or blog. The easier approach is simply grabbing the html link in which the calendar is automatically embedded on a page. This would allow you to simply link to the calendar from your own website or blog.

Sharing your calendar is where you decide who has access to it and what permissions they may have. For example, should your calendar be available for everyone (public) or just for those inside your GAFE account. You can also give access to specific individuals via their gmail address.

Reminders has some nice options that make Calendar work for you. For example, with new, changed, and cancelled events you may want to be notified in some way. You can select sms or email, or simply choose to leave them de-selected.  My favorite option is Daily Agenda. This is a great feature if Calendar is not part of your daily work flow. Every morning you will receive your daily agenda via email.

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