Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two Cloud Based Screencasting Solutions

If one is using a Chromebook or a more traditional computing device the need for screencasting is essential for our cloud based lives.

In this post I will look at two solid options that are 100% cloud based; Screencastify and Snag It. I am opting for a thumbs up / thumbs down style review.


Screencastify is my favorite cloud based screencaster by far. It was the first screencaster to work with no issues in a Chrome OS environment.

One of the cool features of Screencastify is the ability the embed a webcam video while you are screencasting. Another killer feature of Screencastify is the ability to tinker with screen resolutions and frames per second. This allows one to find a setting where audio is not garbled on Chrombooks with Atom processors.

One feature that I miss on Screencastify is the ability for both screen capture and screencasting. Kazam has this feature on the desktop as well as Snag It for a cloud based example.

Snag It

Techsmith SnagIt has some real things going for it. The screen capture feature came first. It allows one to capture a section of the screen and annotate with arrows, text, and boxes. Only later did they "bring it" with screencasting features.

Its easy and simple to use. Click the + sign, and select the tab or desktop you want to record. All of the screencasts can easily be synced to Google Drive for later editing and revisions. The big plus to SnagIt is that both screencasting and screen capture are included in an integrated package.

The video screencasting was designed with Chromebooks in mind, it is a negative in my view that it does not work well with Samsung and other Chromebooks on Atom processors. Screencastify in contrast allows some tweaking of settings to make it "good enough" to get the job down. Another negative is the lack of an embedded webcam option.  

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