Sunday, June 22, 2014

Two Peas in a Pod

Screencasting and Screencapture offer countless possibilities for integrating technology into classrooms. By students, it could be used as a way demonstrate learning or simply a way to annotate a website. Likewise, for teachers it could be an easy way to model an upcoming lesson or project.

TechSmith some time back came out with a wonderful screen capture app. The same app I use on many of my blog posts to annotate with arrows and text. More recently they introduced the SnapIt App which allows you to create a screencast of your screen.

TechSmith wisely seperated the functionality of screencasting (App) and screen capture (Extension). One can begin a SnagIt screencast, visit a website you want to demo, and then use the SnagIt screen capture to annotate it.

In the screencast that follows I will use as the canvas.

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