Sunday, July 20, 2014

Can SnagIt Replace A Desktop Screencasting App

Can a cloud based browser extension replace a dedicated screencasting app you have on your desktop? Awhile back I tried this with Screencastify and at the time concluded I got better results from Kazam. Looking back, that may have had more to do with video format webm vs mp4 than a dedicated desktop app being superior to an extension.

I thought it might be neat to try this with +Snagit. Could one use TechSmith SnagIt for Chrome and create a screencast of similar quality to a dedicated desktop app. I was actually quite impressed with the quality of the SnagIt extension.

If SnagIt for Chrome was up to the task my plan was to use it for both my Chromebook and Linux Mint 17 screencasting. In the video that follows I play around with the Configurable Menu in Cinnamon (Linux Mint 17) and highlight Insync's feature of opening Google Drive files directly from the file manager.    

Ok, it certainly seemed to me that SnagIt passed the test with flying colors. The quality was as good or better than what I got from Kazam. Snagit for Chrome will certainly be my go to screencaster on both my Chromebook and my Linux Mint desktop.

Another point for Team Cloud.

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