Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GoFlex Satellite WIFI Hard Drive

As the Chromebook moves from being the "second screen" to ones primary device new needs emerge. For example, one may fully embrace productivity in the cloud but be leery of having all ones data on a cloud service. Hybrid devices like Seagate's GoFlex Satellite have an important role to play in that transition.

The GoFlex Satellite is a wifi hard drive than functions as it own wifi network. One would log into it like any hotspot, yet have full control over the password.  You also have to be in close physical proximity (10 ft) of the device to gain access. The wifi hard drive has about 7 hous of battery life, about the same as my Chromebook. Since it is a wifi network, you can access it on any device including Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and Apple.

In the video below I give you an overview of the hard drive and how one would use it on a Chromebook. If you have files you don't want on a cloud service, but still want the convenience of the cloud, this might be the toy for you.

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