Saturday, August 9, 2014

Offline Gmail, Not Just for Airports Anymore

We all know about Gmail Offline, right. You can use it for offline Gmail access or if you want backing up a small duration of emails. The most ideal scenario is at the airport or on the airplane itself.  

When I first got my Chromebook I played with Gmail Offline and realized I actually preferred it to the regular Gmail app. I even use it on my desktop with a 22" monitor.

Gmail Offline has many advantages including a similar interface to what I experience on my phone or tablet, and currently there are no ads in the app. Not only can I access most functions of regular Gmail, but I can backup / sync up to 30 days of email. This is about perfect becasue any more than 30 days, Google Takeout makes more sense. Another advantage is you can very easily add and switch between multiple Gmail accounts.

What about you? Does anyone else use Offline Gmail on their Chromebook or desktop computer?

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