Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Simple and Secure File Encryption in the Cloud

Yesterday, there were several posts about miniLock and its ability to encrypt your files in a simple and secure manner.

MiniLock is a brand new Chrome App that allows you to save and share encrypted files (including zipped folders) to social networking sites, cloud stoarage, or friends on Google +.

If you want a behind the scenes look at the app, Nadim Kobeissi talk on Usable Crypto: Introducing miniLock might prove fruitful. In short while the user experience is simplified, he did everything right on the security front.

You can either use a password manager to create a long password or have MiniLock create a secure one for you. I opted to use Keepass on Linux Mint to create an extra long password in which I can use KeePass Chrome App to access the password on my Chromebook. 

I had one folder in particular that included documents I was uneasy about putting on Google Drive. I zipped this particular folder in Chrome OS and followed the steps above in miniLock. 

Next I was given a link to my miniLockID, think of it as a public key of sorts. I can freely share this with others, on social networking sites, or even on my email signature. It is merely the public ID, others would use to give me access to specific files.

Now, one would simply select a file or a zipped folder and determine who it will be shared with, and if it will be saved as a random file name.  If you want to share it you will need add a specific users miniLock ID's. 

The final step is downloading this encrypted file and sharing it whereever you please. The video below just repeats the steps above.

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