Friday, September 26, 2014

Domains, Domains, Domains

I was in a classroom the other day with a cart of Chromebooks. I, of course, put them to use as soon as I could. They were all set up to log on as guest defaulting to the district webpage.

Now what? There are countless resources on the district's LibGuides but they are not easily accessible from the main district page. A student would need to perform over 5 clicks in order to get to needed resources. In an ideal world the start page on the Chromebooks would be something more student friendly.

One solution to this problem is domains, domains, domains. Google has recently got into the domain business and there are countless others such as +GoDaddy . Just the other day I purchased two more domains to make certain resources more accessible. With a domain you can forward students to an already existing start page or create one yourself.

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