Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Printing" Google Doc with Comments

In Google Documents you have multiple ways to save your document; docx, odt, pdf, txt, and html to name a few. In Google Slides the same holds true, and you can even print notes you have created.

As more and more of us use Google Drive's comment features we find that unlike other content there is no way to print or export comments.

While this is certainly something Google should address in the future, this post is focused on alternative ways to "print" the document along with comments. Screencasting apps like +Screencastify and +TechSmith SnagIt are great tools to "archive" the state of a document along with comments at a particular point in time.

The above animated gif is a captured tab created with SnagIt for Chrome. In the video below I take you through the process, using +Screencastify, of creating a screencast to record both the doc and comments.


Either because of non-existent features (Google Drive - printing comments) or premium features (We Video - sharing or dowloading videos), we increasingly encounter obstacles to actions we ought to be able to do. Screencasting apps such +Screencastify and +TechSmith Snag It can be vital tools in capturing learning at a particular point in time or as a final product.

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