Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Story Book for Student Online Writing

My StoryBook is an interesting site that allows students to compose their stories online. One feature that I was hoping for was teacher accounts in which a teacher could manage individual student accounts. I would carefully read their TOS and privacy statement before putting too much student information on their site. If I were to use it in a classroom setting, I would just have a teacher account with students only using their first names in stories. I would also stay away from any online publishing which is limited to Facebook anyways.

Overall, My StoryBook had a lot of engaging features that would be attractive to teacher and students alike. I really liked the character option in which a student could customize skin color, hair, eyes, body, and shoes. There was also drawing and text tools so students could type or write text. In addition, students could add backgrounds and other scenery.

While I would avoid the publishing feature, I did think the published ($5 paid option) online book was an interesting idea. In the future, they plan to include a paper back options too.  This is certainly a site I would try out with students, while being vigilant about privacy concerns. 

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