Sunday, October 12, 2014

Clarisketch - A Whiteboard App for Chrome OS

Clarisketch is one of the recent apps "ported" over from Android. I installed this app prior to its announcement and uninstalled it because it only allowed me to share with its website. You could embed it on a blog or website but the content was uploaded to Being forced into uploading to a third party site is a big turn off for me.

Today, I decided to give Clarisketch another try with a +Screencastify experiment in mind. The wonderful thing about Chrome Apps is they are treated as a window or tab in Chrome OS. What this means is when you screencast you can select a specific app such as Clarisketch. The same process I used with +Screencastify can be used with +TechSmith SnagIt.

One word of caution is sometimes the thumbnail (although large) and window or tab do not match up. For example, the thumbnail for Clarisketch actually was some other window. If another window irreregardless of thumbnail says Clarisketch that is the one you should go wish.

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