Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is Epson XP Really Cloud Ready?

About a month ago I went looking for some extra long ethernet cable, and decided to look at some cloud ready printers. What I was looking for was a small printer, with wifi capababilities, that I would not necessarily have to attach to the Mother Ship (Linux Mint 17 desktop).

My step dad and I went to Office Max and noticed the Epson XP 410 Small in One. We knew since this printer was wifi it would be Cloud Print capable, but would it be cloud ready. Or put another way can it scan over wifi without being hooked up via usb to the Mother Ship.

My step dad felt it necessary to pose this question to the 17 year old kid working at Office Max. Of course the kid thought it would scan over wifi but was not positive. Nothing on the box hinted that you could scan as well as print over wifi. It mentioned connecting usb to your computer but as we found out later the usb cord was not included.

While there is nothing about this printer that requires a Windows or Apple device, the instructions were written as if it did. I played with a few settings on the printer without much luck. If I was going to write instructions for getting this printer setup for a Chromebook it would be as follows.

1. On the printer go to wifi and set up the printer on your netbook. You will need to put in your wireless gateway password.

2. Look on your wireless gateway for admin IP address. Go to printer's IP address and setup process will begin.

3. You will need to register with Google Cloud Print and Epson Connect.

4. On Epson Connect make sure you have chosen destination in Scan to Cloud.

5. Download the Epson Connect app for your Android phone or tablet.

If you have completed the above steps this Small in One should be able to both scan and print from / to the cloud. When you go to print on your Chromebook the Epson printer should be an option. On the printer itself, under scan, you should have a option to scan to cloud. The printer should automatically scan what's on the bed and upload it to a folder on Google Drive. In addition, if you use the Android app, you should be able to scan what's on the bed from your tablet or phone.

So yes, to answer my step dad's question, the Epson XP 410 Small in One is able to scan and print over wifi. You can locate the Small in One anywhere you'd like close to a power outlet. It does not need to be connected a computer in anyway. In short, the Epson XP 410 is cloud ready.

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