Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kaizena Goes Full Google

For some time now Kaizena has offered different level of integration with Google Drive. Kaizena has taken that integration one step further by allowing you to totally work within Google Docs. The Kaizena blog refers to this as live editing with full Google Drive and Google Classroom integration.

As a former Kaizena critic I must say I am impressed. I was never keen on the upload to Kaizena servers approach. Now teachers and students can give and receive audio, text, and reference feedback without leaving their document. In addition, there are great possibilities for the Tag A Skill feedback. You can select a skill of your choosing and then give a value to it.

In the video below I use both a teacher and student account to show you what it looks like under both. Kudos to Kaizena on this great update.


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