Sunday, October 12, 2014

The HP 14 Chromebook has Arrived

After a long wait my HP 14 came in the mail today. It costed $209 and came with 4 GB of Ram and a 16 GB SSD. Ironically, AT&T decided it should screw with me today by slowing my internet (upload speed especially) to a crawl.

Last week I decided to purchase the Coach's Eye Android App. My main use of the app will be screencasting. I though the HP 14 would be a good reason to try the app out. I am still learning my way around the app but I can see it being useful with tech or educational videos.


My only complaint is there appears to be this hardware bug with the left and right arrow keys.

Left Arrow inputs - qerwiuPO

Right Arrow inputs - 13428709

I have 90 days which is close to Christmas so we'll see if I return it after a few months.

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