Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yes Virginia, You Can Capture that Drive Menu

There are times when it appears technology is a thinking entity and is just trying to mess with you. Using TechSmith SnagIt to capture the Google Drive Menu may feel like one of those times.

You select the capture option from the SnagIt menu but when you go to select the Google Drive Menu the capture occurs prior to menu being activated. In short, the capture is that instance prior to you selecting the Google Drive Menu so nothing useful is captured.

There is a fix or work around for this. I will actually show you two. The first is going into the SnagIt extension and choosing keyboard shortcuts for capture region and tab. In the video I select CTRL + T and CNTR + R. The second is an animated GIF which I find the better way to capture the animation of a menu. In the video below I demonstate both of these options.


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