Friday, November 14, 2014

Audio Recording on a Chromebook

A popular question for schools going 1-1 is what are audio recording options for a Chromebook? This post will briefly look at three options.

Audio Recorder is very simple, it does two things; records and allows you to download the recording. It uses no plug ins and works offline. An ideal solution is you simply want to record with offline capabilities without the bells and whistles.

Twisted Wave reminded me a lot of Audacity, so it would be a great cloud based solution for those familar with Audacity. Twisted Wave allows you to edit audio files from your computer or Google Drive, apply effects, save in multiple file formats, and export back to Google Drive or computer. In addition to editing, it allows you to create audio recordings and remix audio files. Twisted Wave is a great candidate for podcast creation.

Sound Trap is has the most advanced options of the three. It is directed towards music amateurs and professionals. Sound Trap allows you to record vocals, guitars, bass and more. You can save your recordings in the cloud meaning Sound Trap servers. Many of the sound clips require a subscription, but other aspects of the service function for free.

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