Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conference Time, There's an Add On for That

Yes its November, and in November many teachers are getting prepared for Parent / Teacher Conferences. Google Forms is a tool that could be useful in setting up conference times, but how do you stop parents from double booking a time slot. Choice Eliminator is an Add On that solves that very problem.

Choice Eliminator is a very useful tool created by +Bjorn Behrendt of EdListen.  What it basically does is if you create multiple choice, list, or check box questions, you can eleminate responses after they are selected.

In our Conference Time example after parent 1 chooses a time slot, that time slot disappears from the form. This continues until there are no time slots left.

One of the great things about Google Drive is Forms. You will need to create a form to use this add on. You can also set it up so it saves all the collected data in a spread sheet. In the video below I demonstrate Choice Eliminator using a Google Form.

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