Wednesday, November 19, 2014

OnlyOffice and Google Drive are BFF's

We all love Google Drive, but there are times when it is not up for a particular task. If One Drive's 10 step plan is too much to bare, you might want to give OnlyOffice a try. Go to the Chrome Web Store and give Only Office a spin.

My favorite part is its fully integrated with Google Drive. OnlyOffice gives the option of Google Sign On, and allows you to connect Google Drive to their service. This means you have access to Google Drive while using OnlyOffice as well as being able to open .doc and .docx files with OnlyOffice while in Google Drive itself.

Oh yes, that Google Docs cell merging issue, looks like OnlyOffice has your back on that one too. Sounds like they are having a special if you register / sign up throughout November. It also looks like they have just released their source code as open source.

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