Friday, November 14, 2014

Running XFCE on Chrome OS

I know what you are thinking. Big deal. Folks have been running Crouton, Chrubuntu, and even Xubuntu for some time now on their Chromebooks. Yes, but what about running XFCE straight from the cloud itself. A webapp, if you may, without an offline mode.

I know what you are thinking, Nate that is just crazy talk. You can't run a Linux distro straight off the cloud. At minimum you need a Linux machine to remote desktop or ssh into.

Welcome to the future. Recently I was playing around with and its pretty cool. There are many linux CLI based configurations that run entirely in the cloud. I opted to take XFCEWeb Desktop for a spin.

The XFCE Web Desktop came with 1 CPU, 1600 MB of ram, and a 10 GB hard drive. Not to shabby for $0.062 a minute hour. even gave me $5.00 to get started.

I actually think this is the future of Linux desktops.

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