Sunday, November 9, 2014

Screencastify Gets Me

I played around with +Screencastify this morning and they really get me. I have a domain account which is my primary / default account for accessing Google services. I also have several "Page Accounts" including ones for my blogs. The problem in the past was using the YouTube upload option would default to my primary domain account. 

I would record my screencast, download it to my computer, log into my blog YouTube account, upload the video, and then edit it. I thought to myself there must be a way to cut down on these steps. There is, +Screencastify fould it and it works perfectly.

+Screencastify allows you to select from any of your channels prior to upload. You can even preset several channels to make it even easier. This solution works perfectly to a very frustrating problem I have had for some time. I will add they get me when syncing to Google Drive too. I want to record the video (offline mode) and have it accessible and then choose download to device, upload to YouTube, or sync to Google Drive. Kudos to +Screencastify for figuring this out.

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