Sunday, November 9, 2014

TechSmith SnagIt "App Be Gone'

TechSmith SnagIt has finally got that App off their back. Many users found having an extension and app confusing. I personally have mixed feeling about this but do agree "extension only" is more consistent with their "easy to use, all in one" approach to screencasting.

In this video I take you through all of the features of the TechSmith SnagIt app extension. The big difference is annotation will occur in a tab rather than a dedicated app.  This is consistent with other screencasting extensions such as +Screencastify.

TechSmith SnagIt has 5 distinct features; capture by region, capture visable, capture scrolling, animated gif, and screencast.

Capturing by region allows you to snag a section of a webpage, crop it, and then annotate it in a tab. Capturing by visable is the viewable area, and scrolling captures the page scrolled all the way to the bottom. Annotation options consist of different colored square, circle, or text. Currently text is small and can not be increased.

The "Screen" function has two distinct features; animated gif, or screencast. Animated GIF is a feature which occurs when a screencast is 20 seconds or less. Animated GIFs are great for menu annimation or demonstrating specific actions. Screencasting allows you to select a tab or the desktop to create a video of what happens on your screen. Since the video will need to sync with Google Drive, this might take some time on larger videos.

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