Sunday, November 23, 2014

The UnBoxing of the Acer 720 P CHromebook

A few days ago my mom made the call. My stepdad wanted a tablet but not a 7" but when he looked at the price he dides not want it anymore. He has a 15" Windows laptop that suddenly began "giving him viruses" with no action of his own. As this 45 minute discussion continued "touch screen" became a theme.

So I bought the Acer 720 P and he loves it. What good  is a new Chromebook without an Unboxing. The emphasis here is on the Unboxing, the Acer 720 P is just the end result. We often hear about how once you get the Chromebook out of the box it can boot in less than 7 seconds, but no one tells you exactly how long it takes to actually UnBox.

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