Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Clean Rebecca with Linux Mint 17.1

I don't know what it is with me and clean installs. Not even +Clement Lefebvre  could make it a seamless process for me. Everything looked fine, the upgrade interface was very simple, but upon restart it began to act flaky. Most of the extensions and applets stopped working even the Mint Menu for some time.

Prior to Mint 17, I had 16 installed and versions of MATE, XFCE, and LMDE which I have since uninstalled. My Grub had instances for 17, 16, and a Debian edition. I uninstalled most applications in 17 that came with the installation, and my hard drive had 3 partitions from earlier installs which have since been used for files. I think you get the picture, a clean install was certainly needed.

A clean install of Linux Mint 17.1 allowed me to set up disc encryption which I have put off. A quick check of Configurable Menu showed it would work without issue in 17.1. The colored folders looked sleek.  After a brief look at the Live DVD I went full speed ahead.

After install I played around with a few applets and themes. The first applet I added was Configurable Menu of course, and then Window List with App Grouping.

I was excited to see Window List with App Grouping working which in itself was a good enough reason to upgrade. It was working in Mint 16 for me, but then stopped working in 17. I find it a great compromise between the old Gnome 2 Windows and a full blown dock.

I opted for Enhanced Minty which is what I used in Mint 17. I noticed that the ability to change folder colors had disappeared. In my tinkering I changed the default icon from Mint-X which took that cool feature away.

I am content with Rebecca and am glad I opted for a clean install.


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