Saturday, December 27, 2014

Take a Pebble and Watch the Ripples

Just take a pebble and cast it to the sea, Then watch the ripples that unfold into me ...

For Christmas my daughter gave me a Pebble Watch. The week before she asked me what I wanted, I looked at various smart watches. While the Galaxy line looked exciting, I also wanted something functional. The Pebble's e-ink display and long battery life seemed like a sure bet.

Lets begin with the clock faces and there are many, maybe even thousands. Here are some my two recent favorites. I am really liking Simple Weather right now. The clock is a decent size and the weather is not so large. Big Time is another favorite, it is similar to the clocks I use on my Samsung 4 and Nexus 7 while docking.

Here are a few pics of the Pebble menu system. Nothing too special Music, Notifications, Alarms, Watch Faces, Settings, and then some apps. For apps I have Calendar, Awear, and PblCamera.

I have only briefly used Music as of yet. One can begin playing a playlist from your phone on your watch, skip to the next song, and stop the music playing on the phone. 

The Calendar App is cool too, it lets you know about upcoming appointments. Aware after I got it working is pretty sweet too. In addition to getting notifications I can act on them such as in Gmail mark as read, archive, delete, and favorite.

One last thing, this Pebble works great with Google Keep. I can set a reminder with a note in Keep and the full note is sent to my watch. Well here is my video walk through.

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