Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PDF Editing in GIMP

I was recently in a discussion with someone about PDF Editors. The argument was made that there are not good PDf Editors out there.

Much of this goes to the heart of what the meaning of editor is.. I see it mostly an annotation, taking notes, highlighting, commnents on the PDF itself. The other person saw editing as changing the PDF itself.

For example, he had a PDF of a certificate and wanted to alter a line or two. While Master PDF Editor is certainly up to the job, this can be done rather simply within GIMP itself.

In this video I mainly use the Ink and Text tools to "extract text" and replace it with new text. An important note if you are a GIMP novice like myself is use layers liberally. Everytime you do a major action, create a new layer. This will make it much easier for you if you need to edit later on.

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