Sunday, March 29, 2015

Text Encryption on Chrome OS

If you use Chrome or Chrome OS there may be times where you need a text encryption solution which is not cloud based. One such tool is Crypto Lite.

Crypto Lite encrypts text using 256 bit AES into a cipherblock that could be distriputed via email, social network, or text. All of the encryption occurs within the browser, so decrypted text is never transferred in transit.

The app is very simple. You simply insert the text in a textbox, insert a password and choose encrypt. Later you would put the encrypted text in the textbox, put in the password, and choose decrypt.

There are various text messaging apps or GPG that Crypto Lite is not intended to replace, but if you are like me most people you communicate with do not use those tools. Crypto Lite is an ideal way to add extra security on apps that are insecure - text, messaging, and email.

Additionally, most of your communication over text, messaging, or email may not need an elevated level of security, but you find there is this small bit of information - maybe a password - that you'd like encrypted. Crypto Lite is a perfect tool for these scenarios and all it takes is a Chrome App and a previously agreed upon password.

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