Thursday, March 12, 2015

YouiDraw SVG Image Editor

My initial impression of YouiDraw was it had some neat features not available in other svg image editors.

Specifically, it has a rather large collection of templates to make specific items such as cards, name tags, or buttons. My thinking was this image editor could be very useful for projects.

I love the way it integrated into Google Drive and allowed you to open their .ydr format natively. YouiDraw also allowed you to save the .ydr file to your Chromebook or SD Card.

As far as export you are limited to .png and .jpg, with no option to export to .svg in the free mode. While I could live with that, having a watermark displayed on exported files makes the app pretty much worthless. YouiDraw even limits printing the image to the paid versions.

I think this app is far too restrictive in its free mode and as a result it is not worth the time especially in a GAFE environment. The paid options are far too costly in my opinion at $100 a year.

This is an app that had a lot going for it, my initial reaction was very positive. But when it came down to export they lost me with the multiple restrictions in free mode. Saving or printing an image file should not be a premium feature of an app.

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