Thursday, April 16, 2015

PPE - Polarr 2

Yesterday PPE or Polarr Editor 2 received an update, so it seemed like a good time to take it for a spin. There is a list of CPU's that Polarr crashes with, so I am curious whicj Chromebooks it plays nicely with. I have a HP 14 Haswell and PPE ran very smoothly.

In PPE's recent update it brought back all Polarr 1 filters and improved rotation issues. I was impressed by Polarr 1 last October when I thought it was Polarrtastic. In taking PPE or Polarr Editor 2 for a spin I was impressed by the improvements especially the distortion and chromatic filters.

In the artistic realm I am definately out of my pay grade. PPE did a wonderful job of taking a bad hair day photo and turning it into something pretty cool. I used the various filters in much the same way a two year old uses a keyboard. I began clicking filters and settings to see what magical place I would end up.

As I shared in the video my only critique is the step by step tutorial the first few times. It was frustrating when all you wanted to do is simply explore the app. I think their help page was very useful and worth reading but something that should be highlighted not forced upon the user.

PPE is a great addition to Chrome OS's photo editors. While it won't replace, nor is designed to, an image editor like Pixlr, PPE is exactly the type of photo editor Chrome OS needs for professional / semi-professional editing of a specific photo.

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