Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sharing Google Photos

Google seems to be taking the approach of letting the kids figure it out with Google Photos.

One question, complaint I have heard is that there is no way to share a photo, album, or collection with someone, and it becoming part of their Google Photos.

In Google Photos you can share publically on Twitter and Facebook, to communities, collections, and people on Google+, but what if you only wanted to share with a wife, a few friends, or your extended family.

At Google IO, it was hinted the share the link was the most powerful way of sharing.  With share a link you receive a unique link to a photo, collection, or album in which a user can view or download directly to their Google Photos.

In settings, you can control all of your shared links. If a shared link was from some time back or you changed your mind, you can delete it. If someone has the link, it will deny them access to the photo or album.

However, if they have downloaded the photo or album to their Google Photos, deleting a shared link has no effect on their access. This is similar in Google Drive to someone making a copy of an interesting resource. Those photos are now a part of their collection.

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