Saturday, July 25, 2015

Open Shot - An Alternative to YouTube Video Editor

I really like YouTube Video Editor. I find it easier to use than native video editors on Linux or other OS's.

One area where it falls short are photos and videos in which you want to add a popular song. If you do upload such a video, some publisher gets all monetization rights and you have absolutely no control over your own video (channelling my inner Stallman).

This is one of those areas where Google Photos is a much better tool than YouTube. In the past few weeks I took some HD quality (landscape mode only) photos and videos. Using Open Shot I put those photos and videos to music of a song I knew the students would like. These were photos of students so the intent was not to share them widely, but give the students a chance to reflect on a recent field trip experience.

In the video below I use Open Shot to create a video using photos, a video, and a song. It has basic editing tools such as cutting and various profiles to save your finished product. I think its comparable to YouTube Video Editor as far as functionality, but without the copyright restrictions.

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