Sunday, August 16, 2015

Inserting Objects into Explain Everything

Explain Everything allows you to insert a variety of objects and has full Google Drive integration.

Google Drive integration makes Explain Everything a very useful app for Chrome OS. You can insert photos, videos, and files (pdf's) directly from Google Drive. You can also save projects, videos, and pdf's directly to Google Drive.

Explain Everything makes full use of the webcam so you can capture photos and videos and utilize them in a project. Especially for the photos the touch interface allows you to fully interact with the photos.

I really love how Explain Everything handles PDF's. It will re/format the PDF so it can be zoomed to fit the screen. A ten page PDF might become much longer as a result, but the end result looks clean and is more managable.

Lastly, Explain Everything has a minimal tool interface when you are in slide mode. This allows you to easily jump from one slide to the next as well as annotate and add slides if necessary.

Explain Everything has done a professional job in regards to utilizing Google Drive and fully implementing the touch screen capabilities on the Chromebook.

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