Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OneNote for Website Clipping

Don't get me wrong I love Google Keep, but one feature it lacks is website clipping. A lot of folks love Evernote, but I have never been a fan, mostly because they make deleting content extremely difficult.

One Note Clipper simply allows you to capture websites to be organized in One Note. You can capture a full page image, a cropped image, or the article itself. The article is a nice feature especially for content that might not be available at a later time.

One Note allows you create multiple notebooks, section within notebooks, and offers an iconic tagging system. If you capture the article you can increase font sizes, and highlight text as needed. If you are on a phone or table you can create Ink notes which can be viewable in One Note.

The major complaint I have is the syncing. It feels like going back to Palm Pilot times when you'd have multiple versions of the same document. Even though I have deleted documents, they seem to reappear time a again. This only seems to occur with untitled documents so is managable.

Overall, I am enjoying the extension and it fills a niche that was missing for me in google Keep.

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