Saturday, August 20, 2016

Is the HP 17-p120wm worth your time?

I picked this up on Amazon for around $300. It was a 17.3" refurbished HP Laptop with 4 GB of Ram and a 750 GB hard drive.

What was I looking for and why exactly did I need another computer. I used to run Linux and would update my OS every 3-6 months, I think now I just feel the need to get a new computer every few months.

So what was this need. I needed a computer with a larger screen to show content to a group of students without an additional screen. In addition to a larger screen a working DVD player was also important. I was also looking at something somewhat mobile that I could take home and hook up to my 27" monitor for video and photo projects.

I was taken back at the size of the screen, it looked bigger than I thought it would. Another big plus is the speaker goes across the keyboard. This will be great for watching DVD's and videos. The speaker sounded pretty good too, good enough I won't have to put additional peripherals on. The last few laptops had the speaker in the back which is fine when its on your lap but not when viewing in a group.

So yes if you are not looking for a powerful computer the HP 17.3 should fit the bill. It should work great for blogging, web surfing, light video and photo editing, watching DVD's. If you are into advanced photo and video editing, or playing lots of games you'd want something with more power.

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