Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wondershare Filmora - When YouTube Video Editor Won't Do

Until recently I had not used Windows personally for about 10 years. I used various Linux distros including Chrome OS. For most things it was difficult to justify a proprietary operating system like Windows 10.

About three months ago I wanted a cheap Windows 10, 2 in 1, computer with touch screen capabilities. I purchased an Acer Aspire for about $300. One of the first things I wanted to do was some video editing.

I opted for Wondershare Filmora which I purchased for $50. That seemed like a good price for the functionality it offered. Since I began using Filmora I have created quite a few videos. While I enjoy many of Filmora's features, the most important one for me is the ability to add personal music.  This was the one feature that YouTube Video Editor could not offer.

Filmora has quite a large tool box of music, text, filters, overlays, elements, and transitions. It also offers a neat split screen feature that you can incorporate into your video. Some features you might not expect is the ability to record from webcam, computer screen, or voice over. You could use Filmora for creating your screencasts.

If you feel you need more you have the ability to purchase add on packs that offer effect on specific themes. If you, like myself, opt not to purchase these add on packs it in no way effects the functionality of Filmora.

One of the free add on packs was Halloween theme which I used for a trip through a corn maze. The sound and other effects made for a pretty scary video. In Dubuque or Bust I highlight animation in the title as well as the distort effect during the video introduction.

Wondershare Filmora is a great middle of the road video editor. It costs $50 and gives you a good amount of functionality for the price. I would recommend this to Windows users who are using Movie Maker or any of the web based options including YouTube Video Editor.

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