Saturday, September 30, 2017

Collecting Real Life Data with Google Sheets

Recently I was in a third grade classroom who was doing MAPS testing. It was interesting to see their blank stares anytime a graphing question appeared.  

Initially, I was trying to create a get to know you form with basic questions about favorite color, hair type, and favorite subject. None of the question types gave me the desired visual effect, I went directly to Google Sheets.

In Sheets I wanted to create a visually pleasing spreadsheet to collect the data that could be presented on a large TV or projector so the entire class could see. Most of the larger header type text are seperate Google Drawings.  

I created a tab for each question in which an automated graph would be created. As data is imputed on the data collection tab, the graphs are created on the other tabs using that data.

My goal was rather than a graph being some abstract, meaningless data, students begin to see the connection between real life data and its representation in a graph. You are more than free to use my Basic Questions spreadsheet or adapt it for your own use.

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